Enjoy   stress-free delegation and   3x your productivity by offloading repetitive work to a top-tier virtual assistant on a monthly subscription.

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Reliable & responsive
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Made for small businesses & startups

Over 6 years of experience providing reliable virtual assistants to startups & small businesses.

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200+ companies served

Trusted by 200+ companies for our reliability, cost-effectiveness, & ease of use.

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1M+ hours saved

Over 1M hours saved for American businesses to focus their efforts on higher value activities.

Why choose TaskGenie?

Delegating tasks has never been easier.

Fully managed

We handle all HR, recruiting, training, and quality assurance matters so you can grow your headcount without the added responsibility.


Designed for small teams, individuals, and startups, we offer fair and transparent weekly pricing to fit your budget.

Simple delegation

Submit one-off requests, set up regular/ongoing tasks with deadlines, and prioritize it all in the order you desire through TaskGenie’s platform

100% reliable

Our expansive team of skilled Genies means we always have a team member available to handle your tasks by the given deadline, even if your dedicated Genie isn’t available.

See why small businesses love working with TaskGenie.

Lakeside Acquisitions hails TaskGenie as essential for business development.

Lakeside Acquisitions, a niche-focused mergers and acquisitions firm in waste management, collaborates with TaskGenie for tailored datasets, streamlining business development. TaskGenie’s cost-effective and flexible support exceeds expectations, enabling Lakeside to run successful campaigns and build a substantial pipeline.


Kelsey Brunstrum

Vice President of Operations, Lakeside Acquisitions

Art-tech startup OLEA thrives with TaskGenie partnership.

OLEA, an art tech startup, collaborates with TaskGenie for streamlined data solutions, enhancing the connection between artists and collectors. The partnership’s flexibility aids cost management, and TaskGenie’s support ensures bug-free development for a successful platform upgrade in Q2 2023.


Raul Martinez

Chief Technology Officer, OLEA Art

What can TaskGenie help with?

Our Genies can provide support at every corner of your business to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Streamline your day-to-day operations.

Add new products & remove outdated ones from a product catalog

Assist in preparation of strategic planning documents

Assist in project planning & coordination

Book flights, accommodations & transportation

Compile & present project updates

Compile meeting agendas / minutes

Compile necessary documents / information before a meeting

Conduct pre-meeting research

Coordinate logistics for events

Put your sales & marketing efforts on autopilot.

Analyze competitor strategies

Assess competitor strengths & weaknesses

Compile detailed profiles of prospects

Compile reports on emerging marketing trends

Coordinate / assist with product launches

Coordinate affiliate marketing campaigns

Coordinate promotional activities for new product launches

Create & schedule email marketing campaigns

Create blogs or articles

Offer support on financial & accounting duties.

Analyze expenditure patterns

Assist in preparation of financial audits

Assist with payroll processing

Create & send invoices

Ensure timely & accurate payment to suppliers

Enter financial data in accounting software

Gather documents for tax filing

Identify areas for financial process improvement

Manage & update financial records

Nurture your customers throughout their journey.

Analyze feedback for continuous improvement

Assign tickets to appropriate team members

Assist customers in enrollment

Assist customers via chat or email with account-related issues

Assist customers with account-related issues

Assist customers with billing-related issues

Assist with account setup & configuration

Collect & manage customer feedback

Conduct surveys to gather customer feedback

Dive deeper into a given topic or subject matter.

Aggregate data from multiple sources

Collect & organize customer demographic data

Collect & summarize academic articles

Compile reports on common consumer sentiments

Compile specific reports

Conduct research for content creation

Conduct research on existing patents in a given field

Coordinate survey distribution

Create reports on emerging industry trends

Well-versed in all your most-used programs.

How to get started.

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1. Sign up

Open your account and share the tasks you’d like to delegate to your Genie and the areas you need support.

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2. Meet your Genie Success Manager

Meet with your dedicated Genie Success Manager for onboarding support and to clarify any details about the work you need done.

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3. Get more done

Your delegated tasks get completed by your dedicated Genie, while you have more spare time to focus on growing your business.

Pricing plans.

Simple & flexible plans to fit your budget & business needs. Cancel or upgrade at any time.

Part-Time Genie

Part-Time Genie

Best for individuals, startups, & micro-businesses who require light task-based support.

What’s included
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    20 hours of support included per week
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    Secure, world-class outsourcing platform
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    Reliable, managed support & predictable delivery
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    Simple & seamless onboarding within 5–7 days
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    Project management & transparent reporting
Scale Genie

Scale Genie

Best for small businesses & mid-size companies who want to scale their operations.

What’s included
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    80 hours of support included per week
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    Secure, world-class outsourcing platform
  • Checkmark
    Reliable, managed support & predictable delivery
  • Checkmark
    Simple & seamless onboarding within 5–7 days
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    Project management & transparent reporting

Frequently asked questions.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a remote professional with a versatile skillset that can handle a wide variety of administrative, technical, or even creative tasks. They are often dedicated to handling tedious and repetitive tasks to support operations.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant can provide you with extra support for handling tasks that you and your internal team do not have the capacity to handle.

Are virtual assistants best for short-term or long-term projects?

Virtual assistants can handle both short-term and long-term projects. VAs are highly adaptable, so they can work as needed to fit your business needs, whether that’s a one-off specialty project or providing ongoing business support.

How does TaskGenie work?

TaskGenie is a fully managed virtual assistant service. You can book a free demo to see how you could benefit from TaskGenie, then select a pricing plan once you’re ready to get started. Within the platform, you will submit a work request for the task you need completed. A project manager will review your submission and follow up as needed for any clarification, then they will assign you a dedicated Genie that has the appropriate skillset and experience. Our project manager will oversee the delivery of the work, ensuring it meets your standards and is completed on time. You will receive a notification upon the completion of the work.

Do I interview and hire VAs on TaskGenie myself?

No, as a fully managed VA service, TaskGenie handles all aspects of talent management and task delegation behind the scenes. After you submit a work request, we hand-select you a dedicated Genie from our team, with no extra work required on your end to interview, hire, or onboard candidates.

How long does it take to get started on TaskGenie?

You can open an account on TaskGenie and start telling us about your needs right away.  We will then go to work on assigning a suitable Genie for your requirements and goals, and we generally are able to match you with a dedicated Genie within 5–7 working days.

What tasks can TaskGenie VAs handle?

Our Genies can handle a wide range of tasks to support various departments like operations, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, customer support and onboarding, and research and data collection.

Can TaskGenie VAs integrate with my existing software?

Yes, our Genies are well-versed in popular business software like Salesforce, HubSpot, Canva, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, etc. If a task requires the Genie to have access to your software, that can be coordinated with your project manager for seamless delivery.

Can I use TaskGenie in any time zone?

Yes, our Genies are strategically located to support TaskGenie customers in any time zone around the world.

What if I need support from more than one Genie, can this be arranged?

Yes, you are welcome to start off with our Scale Genie plan, which provides your company with 2 dedicated Genies to start. Users on all of our plans have the ability to flexibly scale their team size up and down over time as their needs change. Please speak with your Genie Success Manager about any scale needs that your company has.

How does TaskGenie address client confidentiality and privacy?

Our Genies are all college educated professionals who prioritize client confidentiality and privacy. Secure communication and file-uploading is supported through the TaskGenie platform to safeguard any sensitive information that must be shared to complete tasks.

How much does TaskGenie cost?

TaskGenie pricing depends on the plan you select. Please review our Pricing section for the most up-to-date pricing information.

Does TaskGenie have locked-in contracts?

TaskGenie does not lock users into any long-term or annual contracts. You can pay for the service either on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis, with the ability to cancel at any time.

Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee?

TaskGenie offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with our service within the first 7 days of your subscription, please inform us and we will promptly refund your first payment.


Feeling burdened by a seemingly endless to-do list and limited resources to dedicate to essential tasks? Tired of juggling multiple roles at once just to end up with zero progress made at the end of the day? Considered delegating tasks, but decided just to handle it yourself to make sure the job gets done correctly?

Small business owners today are up against a lot. Between growing customer expectations, rising costs, and stiffer competition, you face the creeping feeling of burnout as you start to wonder why you even started your business in the first place.

With TaskGenie, you can effortlessly delegate the tedious and time-consuming tasks that are essential to your business to our reliable and experienced Genies. Quickly expand your capacity without going through the frustrating and costly process of recruiting, hiring, and training. Instead, access qualified talent and amplify your output in just a few clicks.


The TaskGenie Team